Tweet and Release

I recently found myself in the odd situation of having not blogged for around 6 months, I suddenly needed a typing release in the form of a blog post that would quash my feelings of un-ease.

Now don’t get me wrong, we are all partial to a bit of self-analysis every now and again, but often it dissipates through a good ol’ chat with the girls over martini’s or a quick tweet and release.

But after tweeting 3 times about various things that were irking me (sorry to my 222 followers, ahem) I now feel compelled to write a whole freaking blog post and say hello to my likely nil readers and try to re-invigorate this thing.

I know life can often get a bit over-whelming sometimes and just talking about fashion, beauty or yourself can get a bit passé.. *said in an ironic tone*. So an emo-type post is clearly just the ticket!

I feel like this short snappy post has already helped me out so thanks guys this was a great talk…

For reals the next post on this blog will be about fake tan, lets see some excitement!


Man Repeller’s Cinderonce enlightenment

So I have been posting mainly about beauty products lately, but today’s post sits firmly in the ‘See’ section of Chic Travel.

You may or may not have heard of The Man Repeller Leandra Medine, who is ironically now married, which is besidesw the point but oh my her blog is a haven for sarcastic fashion lovers and life ponderers and I LOVE IT!

So yesterday i was casually browsing through her site when i stumbled upon this post about a collaboration between a couple of creative people, but in the title it had Cinderonce (Cinderella and Beyonce hybrid) and i knew i had to watch.

As all my friends and family know I LOVE Beyonce I saw her this year at the O2 arena and she was stunning and i cried twice, yes twice…

AAAAnnyyyyywayyy this basically blew my mind and I found it hilarious.

Now my music tastes aren’t limited solely to Beyonce and I have an extensive set on Soundcloud if you need some new music-inspiration. Just click on the link and look for my ‘Likes’.

A makeup post is coming soon promise!